About Us

The name Hõimulõimed consists of two Estonian words: hõim(u) which refers to a tribe or kindred peoples and lõimed which translates as ‘the warp yarns of a fabric’.

Just like warp yarns run through a fabric, making it strong and warm, it is also the wish of Hõimulõimed to be connected to our kindred peoples, to establish heartfelt and lasting ties to Finno-Ugric peoples from far and near — so that we could all feel the warm sense of togetherness.

Hõimulõimed grew out of the former Fenno-Ugria Noored, an association established in summer 2013 by young activists interested in Finno-Ugric matters. In the end of 2019, we registered our own non-governmental organisation (NGO) and since then, we use the name Hõimulõimed.

Our aims are to raise awareness of Finno-Ugric peoples, to promote the Finno-Ugric movement and to deepen the inclusion of the younger generation in these processes. To attain these aims, we organise (youth) projects and cultural events and work together with other Finno-Ugric organisations from other countries as well as the Fenno-Ugria organisation in Estonia.

We’re based in Tartu, Estonia, where we also have our monthly meetings.

November 2023