Our NGO’s Board Members in 2022-2023

Bogáta Timár


I’m from Hungary, I moved to Estonia in early 2020. Although I have always been fascinated by languages and Finno-Ugric peoples, it became the centre of my life in 2013 and still is. My field of research is the Meadow Mari language, on which I have conducted several studies and participated in many international research projects. I also teach Finnish as a private tutor and am a member of our Finno-Ugric band Kännu Peal Käbi. Apart from academia, I have a passion for popular science and introduction of Finno-Ugric peoples to wider audiences. I believe that in order to be important you need to be seen and heard, and as chair of our organization, I hope be able to strengthen this.

Agnes Lea


Britt-Kathleen Mere


I was born in Tallinn, but my roots are in Rapla and Saarde parishes. I study Finno-Ugric languages and folkloristics at the University of Tartu, in my bachelor’s thesis I focus on common vocabulary in Saarde subdialect and Livonian language, because according to family stories, my great-grandmother was also a Livonian living in Saarde parish. My interest in the history, languages and kinship of Finno-Ugric peoples is what brought me to Hõimulõimed. In my heart, I feel a strong sense of belonging with my tribesmen! I am also an active member of our band Kännu Peal Käbi, because I believe that with music we can preserve and protect the tiny Uralic languages, which are in danger of fading away in this constantly changing world.

2021–2022Chairman: Anna Kuznetsova
Secretary: Agnes Lea
Treasurer: Merit Niinemägi
2020–2021Chairman: Anna Kuznetsova
Secretary: Britt-Kathleen Mere
Treasurer: Merit Niinemägi
2019–2020Chairman: Anna Kuznetsova
Secretary: Carmen Nõlvak
Treasurer: Merit Müller