Kännu Peal Käbi

In Estonian, there’s a saying “Käbi ei kuku kännust kaugele” (“The pine cone doesn’t fall far from the stump”), which carries the same meaning as the English idiom “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. In the case of our band, the pine cone really didn’t fall far — the name Kännu Peal Käbi roughly translates as “The Pine Cone on the Stump”.

When our band Kännu Peal Käbi had its first rehearsal in the beginning of 2018, nobody knew what would be the outcome. One thing, however, was decided from the very beginning: all our songs have to be in Uralic languages. At first, our repertoire included only Votic songs, but later on we added more and more songs in other languages. Our goal is to one day capture all Uralic languages in our music — the journey continues.

Some of our songs can be found on our YouTube channel.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail: kannupealkabi@hoimuloimed.ee